Weight lossDo you want to lose weight but you just do not know what is the best and most effective approach? Well, first of all you have to consult your doctor. The importance of seeking your doctor’s advice can never be downplayed because aside from yourself, no one else knows your body better than your doctor.

Go on a diet but no starving

If you want to lose those extra pounds, ask your doctor what could be the best diet plan for you so that he, along with a dietician, can plot the best meals at appropriate amounts for you to eat and burn off. Remember, going on a diet is not starving yourself. It is about eating right.

diet-timeBurn those calories off

Being physically active is very important to burn off calories and lose weight. Inactivity slows metabolism down and since the body did not burn what was eaten, the food is then stored as fat. Before you take to the gym, discuss the best work out with your doctor first because age and your physical condition will also be taken into consideration.

Taking diet supplements

There are health supplements that are effective and safe to use. However, before buying any of these diet pills, consult with your doctor and see if he will allow you to take these. Taking diet pills may inadvertently result to adverse reactions especially if you are on medication. Therefore, even with health supplements being an over the counter drug, never buy one unless your doctor has given you the go signal.

Your doctor is your partner

Losing weight is not just about working out and not eating. In fact, this type of diet is harmful. The best way to lose weight and see tangible results is to consult your doctor first so that both of you can plan how to lose weight effectively.

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  • Jamie L. Rice
    October 24, 2014

    Swap the all-or-nothing approach for one or two healthy switch-ups in your daily routine. “Doing this can lead to more weight loss than you ever imagined

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